Family Violence

Under the law, there are several tools that can be used to protect victims of domestic violence and stalking. Our attorneys have experience in handling Family Violence Temporary Protective Orders, and Stalking Temporary Protective Orders and can assist you in deciding if one of these Orders is something you need to pursue.

Unfortunately, sometimes people use these same tools to make false allegations. Having one of these Orders issued against you can have long reaching consequences that can affect your day to day life, including employment. Our attorneys also have experience in defending these actions, and you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss the matter before an Order is issued against you.

Temporary Protective Order

A Temporary Protective Order, or TPO, is a Court Order that prohibits a specific person from being able to contact you and/or your minor children, either directly (in person) or indirectly by the use of telephone, e-mails, or social media. A TPO requires that a specific person stay a certain distance away and also prohibits that person from using a third person to affect contact. There are two types of TPOs: Family Violence Protective Orders and Stalking Protective Orders. Either type of Order can last between 12 months and three years, or the Court can order that the TPO be granted on a permanent basis. TPOs can also be taken out on behalf of a minor child in order to protect the minor child from abuse or stalking.

In order for the Court to grant a Family Violence Protective Order, the law requires that a certain familial relationship exist. Specifically, either you or your minor child must have experienced an act of family violence by:

  • A spouse or ex-spouse;
  • Parent, step-parent, or foster parent;
  • Child, step-child, or foster child;
  • Any person who lives in the same household with you; or
  • Someone you have a child with.

Stalking Protective Order

The law makes a distinction between a Family Violence Protective Order and a Stalking Protective Order. The Court will only grant a Stalking Protective Order if someone exhibits conduct or behavior that meets the legal definition of stalking. Specifically, a person must follow, place under surveillance, or contact you or your minor children, without your consent for the purpose of harassing or intimidating you or your minor children.

Requesting a Temporary Protective Order can be a stressful and emotional event. Having competent and compassionate legal counsel to guide you through the court system can help ease that burden, and our attorneys can provide you with just that type of assistance.

Unfortunately, there are times when these same tools are used to make false allegations. Having one of these Orders issued against you can have far reaching consequences, potentially affecting many areas of day to day life, including employment. Our attorneys have experience in defending these actions, which should immediately be taken very seriously.

If you find yourself needing to talk to one of our experienced attorneys regarding issues or concerns for your safety and the safety of your children, contact our legal team at Thompson, Meier & King, serving CantonCherokee County and the surrounding north Georgia area.

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