Auto Accidents

If you find yourself needing to talk to one of our experienced personal injury attorneys because someone else’s negligence has left you in pain and suffering after your car accident, make an appointment today with the experienced lawyers at Thompson, Meier & King. We serve injured clients in CantonCherokee County and the surrounding north Georgia area, including the communities surrounding our satellite office in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

What People Are Saying

"This law firm is the most professional and educated I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I treasure the professional and personal relationships I have had for years."

- Jennifer F.

"After talking with her at some length about my legal situation, I knew that every single good thing that I had heard about her was true, and that I had chosen an attorney who brings integrity, compassion, and most importantly, sound knowledge to the field. I can say with sincere belief, that Dana Thompson is simply the best!"

- Yvonne G.

"I will definitely suggest your firm if ever asked about a divorce attorney. Professional and thorough. Thanks again! "

- J. B.